Beckett, Val, and Rio 3.75″ Action Figures

Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rio Durant, Tobias Beckett, and Val action figures

This trio of action figures from Solo: A Star Wars Story (Tobias Beckett, Rio Durant, and Val), are essential to make up the full set of “hero” characters from the movie – or at least to be able to rustle together a Vandor-1 heist gang.

As I’ve probably lamented before, there were quite a few gaps in the Solo line-up in terms of what made it to New Zealand retailers. These guys were amongst them. I was fortunate, therefore, to stumble across them all reasonably priced, at a duty free store in Thailand while en route to a conference for work.

A few more gaps to fill yet in our Solo: A Star Wars Story figure collection, but with the addition of this motley crew, we’re getting a lot closer.