DIY Yoda Skateboard

My wife and my father-in-law are to thank for me having this cool Yoda-themed longboard in my Star Wars skateboard collection. The latter sourced it second-hand and cleaned it up into a nice blank wood finish. It was possibly (probably?) the green wheels and truck baseplate that inspired the choice of Yoda as the theme. Anaria has a knack for superbly fine detail painting, and literally cut out the Yoda stencil using a scalpel (from an image sourced online) before using it to hand-paint his classic Empire Strikes Back visage onto the centre of the underside of the deck.

At the time of writing I have 4 Star Wars skateboards in my collection – 2 are display boards, and 2, including this one, are for regular use. The Yoda board is great for downhill runs, and it’s a definite favourite, knowing that it is a truly unique piece.