I Mean It! No More Bormu!

SWTOR - Bormu Achievement

I love the achievement system in Star Wars The Old Republic, and this past week I’ve been actively trying to knock a few more off my list. One of the ones that was holding me up was the ‘I Mean It! No More Bormu!’ achievement.

Normally I try to avoid killing creatures in SWTOR – instead I try to collect as many beast mounts, pets, and companions as I can. Knowing I had to kill 500 bormu to finish off my last Balmorra planet achievement, I grabbed my most evilest Dark Side character (Banshila the sith inquisitor) and got down to business.

SWTOR - Bormu Achievement

Took a little while, but the fields outside the Markaran Plains outpost (Imperial side) had a good number, and I found a good rotation path. So I finally killed my 500th bormu, and got the achievement! Feels good to finally have 100% completion for Balmorra!

SWTOR - Bormu Achievement
SWTOR - Bormu Achievement (No More Bormu!)

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