Skateboard Deco – Star Wars Stickers

DIY Star Wars Skateboard

A new skateboard deck (and new wheels) means it’s time for a DIY Star Wars project – a vinyl Star Wars sticker montage for the underside of the skateboard (our daughter has inherited my previous board). Not a complex project, of course, but it’s hard to resist applying Star Wars deco to something like this.

The starting point is a 9.25″ deck with bold block colour, and minimal graphics. There are a good few options for bulk lots of vinyl, die-cut Star Wars stickers on eBay (affiliate link), all well priced given the expectation that they will inevitably suffer on the underside of a skateboard, and need re-doing or tidying up down the line. Overall, the amount of stickers needed to fill out the bottom of an adult-sized skateboard is less than $5, but I bought enough that I was able to separate the stickers out into duplicates and less favourite designs for the first, base layer of stickers, saving the more unique and interesting designs for the top, most visible layer.

The trick is really just to take your time, and work on maintaining a bit of symmetry – make sure the border of colour left around the stickers is fairly uniform. Plan the layout of the stickers in a stepwise manner (take photos with your phone for reference if needed), and then progressively apply them and make sure the edges all all smoothed down.

I’m really happy with the final look – it focuses on classic Star Wars logos, Original Trilogy graphics, and vintage comic art. It’s actually quite tempting to do another DIY Star Wars skateboard with similar colours and layout in order to keep it mint for display only.

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