Stormtrooper Board by Penny Skateboards

Stormtrooper Skateboard by Penny Skateboards

Back in 2018 Penny Skateboards of Australia released a line of classic skateboards featuring characters from the Original Trilogy (Darth Vader, Boba Fett, R2-D2, and Stormtrooper). Fortunately, these were pretty easy to source in New Zealand, even a couple of years down the line. This 27″ trooper board was a gift, and was, at the time, the first of what has become a collection of Star Wars-themed skateboards (currently clocking in at 2x display boards and 2x active boards).

Most of the Star Wars theming is on the underside, with an artistic representation (by cartoonist M. Wartella) of an Imperial Stormtrooper promo image, but each of the wheels bear the text “Stormtrooper” – because I don’t intend to use this particular board, the wheels will retain their translucency, and I’ll get it displayed on a wall hanger in the near future.

Star Wars Skateboards x4
Stormtrooper Board by Penny Skateboards
Stormtrooper Penny Skateboard

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