SWTOR Adventures #8

Star Wars The Old Republic - The Zar-rel Legacy

August 14th to August 20th 2019

This week featured the Gree event, and it was also the last week of double xp/cxp, so we really focused on that this week. I reached command rank 300 with my last class needed to complete all 8, and leveled almost all of my newer toons to level 70 – only one left to go! Matt also made significant progress towards reaching command rank 300 with each class, with only left (Irgunn) to level now.

  • Nadessa leveled from 59 to 70, Nalorka leveled from 58 to 70, and Nerriko leveled from 60 to 70.
  • Zhylaw and Taryonn reached Command Rank 300 – with Taryonn finishing up the ‘Resolute Commander’ achievement for having all 8 classes to rank 300 (plus bonus cartel coins)!
  • Kallaris finished the achievements for 1,000 kills with all of the Sith Warrior companions, which was the class need to complete the ‘All For The Empire’ achievement and granted the legacy title ‘Imperial Squad Commander’.
  • Our family Empire and Republic guilds both reached level 11.
Star Wars The Old Republic - The Zar-rel Legacy

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