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Star Wars The Old Republic - Ossus

It’s fun to see Star Wars The Old Republic content online during our usual morning news reading, so we were especially happy to see a recent article published by PC Gamer titled ‘Star Wars The Old Republic Is The Bioware Game You Should Play in 2019‘.

The article goes into the game in quite some detail, tracing back to the state of the game at the launch back in late 2011, and all the developments, changes and expansions that the game has seen over the years. We’ve played through it all, and we totally agree that the game is better than ever.

Our level of play (hours per day) has varied over the years, but it has been a consistent element of our life ever since launch. We have our characters that always play together, adventuring across the galaxy. We are married Star Wars fans that play SWTOR together – living the Star Wars life together. And honestly, it’s just so much fun!

Star Wars The Old Republic - Anaria and Hadron on Dantooine

One of the big draw cards of SWTOR for us is the story. From the original eight class storylines, the game has expanded massively since launch, with hours and hours of new stories to explore, with differences between Galactic Republic and Sith Empire characters, with additional Light Side and Dark Side options – and years later I’m still trying to play it all! And of course some times we log in to just brawl in some fun jedi vs sith pvp action!

The quality of the class stories vary between ‘better than your average MMO’ and ‘you’re Indiana Jones but also an evil wizard’. And this is one of the few MMOs that actually manages to make it feel like the game is all about your character, and where character development isn’t just about stats, but personality, history and the relationships they have with their companions. Instead of plain quest-givers, there are characters for you to befriend, betray, murder and occasionally hook up with. This goes for the planet storylines, too. They’re faction-based and broader in scope, but they’re of similar quality and provide plenty of neat character moments.

Fraser Brown , PC Gamer

Some might say we would of course love any Star Wars game, but SWTOR is different for us. We have tried just about all the Star Wars games out there, from the new Battlefront games, going all the way back to classic Atari games – and nothing keeps us coming back like SWTOR.

Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars The Old Republic - Ossus

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