SWTOR – Feast of Prosperity Event Playthrough

Star Wars The Old Republic - Feast of Prosperity

I love the events in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the new Feast of Prosperity is no exception – it might even be my new favourite from them all!

The new annual event launched on October 20th 2020 and ran until November 10th 2020 – giving players three weeks to cook exotic dishes, serve hungry cantina patrons, hunt down rare ingredients across the galaxy, and earn fantastic vendor rewards!

Here is my complete play-through of the event with my Jedi Sentinel Anaria, including the daily quests, three-part storyline, and vendor rewards.

As with many other SWTOR events, players started by visiting an event npc on the fleet –

Star Wars The Old Republic - Feast of Prosperity

Then it was off to Nar Shaddaa, to meet with the two Hutts that organised the feast – Gaboorga the Abundant, and Duuba the Magnanimous. Depending on whether your character is Empire or Republic, you would start by talking to a different Hutt, and would later encounter a choice to support one or the other.

Once you were properly introduced to the event, it was on to the quests. There were four main quests to choose from, which I referred to as the cantina dash, the cooking quest, the world boss quest, and the ingredient quest. In all honesty, these quests were addictive, and I spent hours each day running as many characters as I could through the quests!

First up, the cantina dash. This quest was available in two modes, that is, easy and hard. Easy mode had one round, and was as you might guess, easy to complete, but the hard version had four rounds, and was considerably faster! It took concentration to pay attention to which table timers would run out fastest. Honestly, this one was a bit stressful, and the fast-paced music really kept me on my toes.

Next up, the cooking quest. This was also available to two modes – easy, and hard. In the easy mode, there was no timer, and the ingredients were easy to find. In hard mode, you had more steps, a timer, and the ingredients were not ‘lit up’ so you had to really memorise where everything was in the room to finish quickly.

Star Wars The Old Republic - Feast of Prosperity

I think the cooking quests were my favourite part of the event. They were quicker to complete than the cantina dash quests so I did them more often, and I had fun imagining what the strange concoction I was cooking up might have tasted like! I think my favourite would have been the jellied glowshroom stew with extra glowshrooms.

I ran the kitchen quests as often as I could – it was quick, fun, and it made me laugh, throwing ingredients into the pot from across the room! I ran these quests with nearly every character I had – I’m pretty sure I was running these cooking quests in my dreams at night too!

Lastly, the world boss quests and ingredient quests – which were linked. Each day, there was a different world boss quest and a matching ingredient quest – the ingredients were items to pick up/loot from mobs around the same area as the world boss, so it made sense to get them both done at the same time.

Star Wars The Old Republic - Feast of Prosperity

The world bosses included Corellia, Belsavis, Nar Shaddaa, Hoth, and Tatooine. I got Hoth and Belsavis a lot, and only got one group for Lucky the rancor on Corellia on the last day. I hadn’t done a world boss group in a very long time, so it was a fun multiplayer component to the event. The event weekly didn’t require players to complete the world boss quests, so you didn’t have to do them, but they were fun, relatively quick due to the popularity of the event, and helped with earning event currency.

The event also had a storyline, which was released in three parts – one part each week. If you waited until the third week, you could play through all three parts of the storyline and get it finished in one go, but for the most part I kept up with the weekly releases.

Star Wars The Old Republic - Feast of Prosperity

The story took players all across the galaxy – Rishi, Mek-Sha, Onderon, Dantooine, Voss – helping the Feast of Prosperity organisers find ingredients, recruit chefs, and more. One of my favourite parts was stealing wine from the cantina bar on Rishi. Oh, and controlling a mouse droid in the kitchen was so funny!

All in all, I had so much fun playing this event – and it’s a shame it will only happen once a year, but the annual schedule makes sense to coordinate with the Thanksgiving season inspiration. The vendor rewards were amazing, and I earnt as much event currency as I could – though I still need more food launchers, they are so much fun! I fell in love with the new outfit available from the event vendor, and created a new character just to wear it – but more on that in another blog post.

Happy Feast of Prosperity!

Star Wars The Old Republic - Feast of Prosperity

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