SWTOR – The Furyan Legacy

SWTOR Characters - The Furyan Legacy

Anaria and I have both been playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) since beta testing back in late 2011 (we got in on a couple of the testing weekends in October and November 2011). Since the game went live in December of 2011, we have each ended up creating quite a few characters. The following is my list of toons on the Satele Shan server, starting with my oldest and most played. In total, I have at least one for each advanced class, and will likely fill in more gaps to cover all of the skill trees, adding them in here as I go.

Toombs, Bounty Hunter

Mercenary. Skill tree: Arsenal. Species: Chiss.

Named after the mercenary Alexander Toombs from the Chronicles of Riddick movie. Very rarely seen without his helmet off.

Hadron, Trooper

Commando. Skill tree: Gunnery. Species: Cyborg.

Dredd, Sith Warrior

Sith Juggernaut. Skill tree: Vengeance. Species: Human.

Named after the 2000AD Comics character Judge Dredd. This was the name I used in the beta-testing phase as well, but back then the name was used on a bounty hunter character. Technically, he is “Darth Dredd”, but tends to just go by “Dredd”.

Xel’el, Jedi Knight

Jedi Guardian. Skill tree: Vigilance. Species: Human.

Actually got the name for this character from the built in random name generator during the character creation process. Stuck with it.

Toal, Sith Inquisitor

Sith Sorceror. Skill tree: Lightning. Species: Chiss.

Zhylaw, Agent

Operative. Skill tree: Lethality. Species: Rattataki.

Irgunn, Jedi Consular

Jedi Sage. Skill tree: Telekinetics. Species: Zabrak (Republic).

Baylock, Smuggler

Gunslinger. Skill tree: Sharpshooter. Species: Human.

Mat’ak, Smuggler

Scoundrel. Skill tree: Ruffian. Species: Togruta.

Fhriday, Trooper

Vanguard. Skill tree: Tactics. Species: Chiss.

Fhriday was named after another 2000AD Comics character, Rogue Trooper. Although he mostly wears official Havoc Squad armour, I do have a costume variant based on the appearance of the genetically engineered Rogue Trooper.

Rhaksus, Bounty Hunter

Powertech. Skill tree: Pyrotech. Species: Human.

Dryden Vos, Bounty Hunter

Mercenary. Skill tree: Innovative ordnance. Species: Human.

Riykar, Jedi Consular

Jedi Shadow. Skill tree: Serenity. Species: Togruta.

Volzang, Agent

Sniper. Skill tree: Marskmanship. Species: Zabrak (Republic).

This is an instance where I used the character appearance options available for the Republic faction to create a Sith Empire-aligned character.

Steelhorn, Jedi Knight

Jedi Guardian. Skill tree: Focus. Species: Zabrak (Sith Empire).

And this character is the opposite of Zhylaw, using a red Sith Empire-aligned Zabrak appearance option for a Republic character.

Varrkon, Sith Inquisitor

Sith Assassin. Skill tree: Hatred. Species: Sith.

Gnaritas, Jedi Knight

Jedi Sentinel. Skill tree: Watchman. Species: Sith.

Zarhn, Sith Warrior

Sith Marauder. Skill tree: Annihilation. Species: Zabrak (Sith Empire).

SWTOR Characters - The Furyan Legacy

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