Weingeroff Vintage X-Wing Necklace

Vintage X-Wing Necklace

This vintage X-Wing necklace was made by Weingeroff Ent. Providence, R.I. (licensed by Factors Etc, Inc), in 1977. It is amongst the first ever Star Wars merchandise made, as these were available before the Kenner vintage action figures hit stores. While many of the necklaces from this range were packaged in clear plastic bags or on cardboard backing cards, I was lucky to find this necklace with an original jewelry box. The box features the Star Wars logo on the internal lining, along with 20th Century Fox copyright details, with no mention of Lucasfilm. The excellent X-Wing pendant sculpt makes this one of my all-time favourite Star Wars necklaces – you can read more about the Weingeroff Star Wars necklaces at The Kessel Runway.

Vintage X-Wing Necklace

Vintage X-Wing Necklace

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  1. Joahua

    I happened to find one of these. What is its value? Please can you maby tell me a little about it and how much one could coast please.
    Thank you, Joshua

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