Women of the Star Wars Saga display

After reorganising my Star Wars studio room, I had the opportunity to display some of my favourite collectibles that needed a safe and protected space. To celebrate my favourite Star Wars characters, I put together a Women Of The Star Wars Saga display area, to showcase some of my most treasured collectibles in a spot where I can see them everyday.

Checkout this video of my new Star Wars display –

This is of course not all of my Rey, Amidala, and Leia collectibles, but this display includes some of the largest/heaviest pieces, and ones that really need a secure display space away from sunlight and excess dust. The sturdy drawers provided a great platform for heavy pieces like premium format statues, and they are all now in a room that has blocked out windows to protect from sun damage – a concern of mine, especially with pieces with fabric details.

Rey collectibles –

  • Sideshow Collectibles Rey premium format statue
  • Gentle Giant Rey Milestones Statue
  • Gentle Giant Rey Dreamer Statue
  • Kotobukiya Rey Descendent Of Light Artist Series Figure
  • Hot Toys Deluxe Rey and BB-8 12″ Figure Set

Queen Amidala collectibles –

  • Robert Tonner Queen Amidala Celebration Gown Doll
  • Robert Tonner Queen Amidala Trunk Set Doll
  • Gentle Giant Queen Amidala (Throne Room Gown) Mini Bust
  • Limoges Queen Amidala Porcelain Trinket Box

Princess Leia collectibles –

  • Sideshow Collectibles Princess Leia Premium Format Statue
  • Lladró Princess Leia Porcelain Statue
  • Royal Selangor Princess Leia Pewter Figure
  • Gentle Giant Princess Leia (Bespin Gown) Mini Bust
  • The Bradford Exchange Princess Leia Treasured Reflections Statue

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