Black Series 6″ IG-11 Action Figure

TBS6 Figures: The Mandalorian, IG-11, Cara Dune

I’ve got a bit of a growing collection of IG-88 figures and collectibles, including a life-size statues, so I guess it was inevitable that I’d start collecting IG-11 toys. Even more so considering the character is voiced by kiwi Taika Waititi.

Now, this figure isn’t a perfect representation of IG-11, to be honest – it is in fact just a repaint of an existing IG-88 sculpt with new paint apps and a double-bandolier, which means he has inaccurate hands, knees, etc., and struggles to stand for prolonged periods of time. But, I do love the overall design of the IG-series assassin droids, and cannot resist to have this variant in my collection. This figure was ordered from Amazon, who lived up to their reputation of poor packaging, such that the box had some minor dings along the top, but I always intended to open this droid for display.

Ultimately, it would be nice to replace him with the 6″ SH Figuarts version, but this guy will more than do for now. And although I haven’t particularly gone out of my way to collect 6″ scale figures, I am finding a growing compulsion to try and keep up with the character releases from The Mandalorian specifically in this format.

TBS6 Figures: The Mandalorian, IG-11, Cara Dune

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