DIY Star Wars Sticker Montage Skateboard

Custom Star Wars sticker montage skateboard

A little while back I customised up the underside of my primary skateboard deck using vinyl Star Wars stickers. I like the result so much I was motivated to work up a similar project, but to keep it for display only. In that previous blog post, I talk about grabbing these cheap vinyl decals off eBay (affiliate link).

This one started off as a nice budget board that was a Christmas gift intended specifically for this project. A cheaper board is perfectly fine for this sort of custom graphics, but a little bit of work was necessary to prepare the surface so that all the stickers would adhere and lie nice and flat.

It took a good few hours to plan the layout so that everything was balanced in terms of spacing, colour, etc, and so that my fave graphics were central and not blocked. I started with a template traced around the curves of the ends of the deck so that I could plan and cut the sticker for those regions before adhering them. Really happy with the result, and looking forward to getting it on the wall (probably paired up with my other Star Wars display board, a Stormtrooper board by Penny Skateboards).

The 2 boards on the left in the pics below are display-only decks, while the 2 on the right are in regular use.

Star Wars Skateboards x4

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