SWTOR Adventures #1

Star Wars The Old Republic

Looking back at our old SWTOR Tumblr account, I have been inspired to get back to blogging about our adventures in the SWTOR galaxy. So, week by week we’ll share some of our gameplay highlights and fun screenshots.

June 26th to July 2nd 2019

Anaria’s big GTN purchase this week – the new Resort Swimwear Set! This is her new alternate outfit, with a ‘deep pink and white dye’. I am loving this new gear – it looks so pretty with her lightsabers! I’ll eventually set up alternative versions of combinations with/without the hood and with the ‘no robe’ version of the top. So many choices with this set!

This is the first gear set that I’m actually keen to unlock for my other characters – the individual pieces are so versatile, and look so different with different dyes!

Star Wars The Old Republic
  • Anaria reached 1,000 kills with M1 4X, Guss Tuno and… Skadge.
  • Anaria finally killed Lord Modo 10 times in the Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint to finish off all achievements for the flashpoint.
  • Anaria and Hadron finished the ‘Geared For Combat’ and ‘Combat Designation: L3-E7’ achievements and titles.
  • Our family Republic and Empire guilds both reached level 7 and both completed Conquest Invasion targets this week.
  • Banshila finally found the MCR recon probe droid on the Star Fortress, earning the achievement ‘A Shrouded Vigil’.
Star Wars The Old Republic
  • Anaria, Hadron, Banshila, and Toombs killed a Star Fortress Exarch with fire, completing the achievement ‘When You Play With Fire…’ and got the ‘Playing With Fire’ character title.
  • Anaria and Hadron completed some Alderaan achievements – ‘Alderaan Beast Hunter’, and ‘Stalking The Sith Overseer’.
  • The Zar-Rel Legacy – Kamiro leveled from 33 to 46, and Nalorka leveled from 15 to 35.
  • Banshila and Toombs completed the ‘Chaotic Century’ achievement in ‘The Nathema Conspiracy’ flashpoint by defeating the Ancient Guardian Droid with the Hunter Probe companion.
  • Anais finally dragged Toal around Yavin 4 to find the Sith Spirits and get the ‘Speaker For The Dead’ and ‘Grave Robber’ titles!
  • Kallaris was reunited with her companion Jaesa.
Star Wars The Old Republic

We also worked on our Iokath reputation, which meant grinding Iokath dailies. I don’t mind the daily quests too much, but I hate navigating the map. So we had fun with it and dueled in our Alliance walkers! Toombs won that one…

Star Wars The Old Republic - Banshila vs Toombs

We also played through Iokath on the Republic side, and Hadron ran into Anaria’s cutscene…. Anaria’s still loving her new pink gear!

Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars The Old Republic

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