Starburst Issue 311 – The Chronicles of Riddick

Starburst Issue 311 - The Chronicles of Riddick

Anaria and I have gone out of our way to collect items from and about The Chronicles of Riddick, and have managed to amass a good few statues, figures, and screen-used costumes, but the range available is limited compared to some franchises, so it’s fun to hunt down ephemera like this Chronicles of Riddick coverage in British sci-fi magazine Starburst. The Vin Diesel cover image makes it a worthwhile addition to our Riddick collection 🙂

The June 2004 issue (issue 311) came out just as the movie was hitting theatres in the same month. It features interview soundbites from Vin Diesel about Riddick’s universe, as well as lots of film stills (including Karl Urban and Thandie Newton) and behind-the-scenes images.